Italian chef Aldo Zilli and art expert Natasha Raskin popped into the Godstone Emporium on 7 June while filming a new series of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

The special guests arrived late in the afternoon to be welcomed by sellers Cecilia Wiseman and Claire Truscott. Claire, who sells “the retro, the kitsch, ugly cute, odd, useful and mysterious”, didn’t have the best start to the day when her ‘chestnut’ hair dye turned orange. “There I was, ‘Belisha beacon head’, stuck at the counter while the expert and celeb trawled about the shop. I was more than a bit bemused, and found the minor television experience slightly terrifying,” she said.

Aldo bought a rushwork chair from seller Barbara Ings’ section of the shop. The episode is due to be aired on the BBC in the autumn – so you’ll have to wait to find out whether they made a profit or not!

It’s not the first time the TV crews have descended on Godstone Emporium during 2016. Back in April, Anita Manning of Bargain Hunt and Flog It! fame, was in search of something special for Antiques Road Trip. After chatting with sellers Cecilia Wiseman, Jacqui Hutchings and Gloria Whiting, her eye was ultimately caught by a pair of Scottish brooches in Maria Fernanda’s display.

This show is also due to be aired this autumn – watch this space for further details.

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