Claire currently has a couple of lovely-looking items in her section of The Emporium.




First up is this beautiful hand-painted cranberry glass jug. There is some dispute as to when cranberry glass was first manufactured (some believe it has its origins in ancient Rome) – but it was certainly created during the 17th-century Bohemian period and became very popular during the Victorian era.

The distinctive ‘cranberry’ colour is created by adding gold chloride in the blowing or moulding process. Claire’s Victorian jug, which has a little damage to its feet, is on sale for £35. Featuring a white flower design it’s a very attractive object.







Meanwhile, this lamp base from the Gwili Pottery features a wonderful autumnal oak leaf design.

Gwili, which is based in Pontarsais near Carmarthen in South Wales, has been producing domestic pottery for more than 25 years. A large range of hand-made and hand-decorated items including vases, plates and jugs can be viewed on its website. Claire’s piece, which has a hole for a flex to run through, is on sale for £22.








Elsewhere in the shop, Maria is displaying this very unusual hand-painted camel-hide vase. Maria bought it in Pakistan during the 1960s but it may date from even earlier. It is surprisingly light and yours for just £25.










At the front of the shop Jacqui’s window dressing skills have come to the fore in her 1950s/60s themed display. Taking centre stage is a stunning black chair with sprung seat (£65). It’s ‘bucket’ shape and the sweeping lines of its backrest give it a classic retro feel .

Also on show you can just see a Bush TR130 radio from 1965/6. When it was made it would have cost you £16 – it’s now a design classic and Jacqui is selling it for £19.50!